Hi my name is Val Sopi and I am the founder of Claritask.com. In this weekly show I cover details on my way to $10K in MRR.

New episodes are published ~weekly, since April 19, 2019.

I go into detail about strategies, tactics, lessons, and successes in marketing, sales, and outreach.

Follow me along on this journey towards my goal.

Claritask Open Financials: https://claritask.baremetrics.com

Episodes on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLL6QkRlQujpHIJ1aVnJkRFIfNFod-R0yy

My road to $10K MRR
  • $0 — February 8, 2019 (Launch)
  • $100 — March 8, 2019
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