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Sales and marketing efforts

Details on my sales & marketing efforts and their results so far

Selling a solution VS a comodity

Dealing with a conundrum about if offline selling is needed when selling a solution like Claritask

Claritask is 1

Celebrating Claritask, looking back at things that worked, and what's ahead.

How to find an idea... my way

Speaking to Noah and Ben got me into thinking how I would go about finding an idea to work on

Talking Shop with Helen Ryles

Helen has a lot to share with insights about her product making and how she goes about marketing and selling them to the world.

How I got here

A few personal things to share.

Just a quick update

A quick update of what's working with Claritask and what's ahead

Feeling like a cheat

Having mixed feelings with doing client work and chasing a dream.

Moving forward this 2020

Talking about the ups and downs of last year and what I am working on now. Support my journey on Patreon:

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