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Saas business lessons with Michele Hansen

Sat down with Michele to talk about Geocodio, Saas lessons, luck, switching gears, and more.

Challenges founders face with Stefan Manku

Stefan Manku is a founder whisperer. He has the ability to help founders guide themselves. We sat down to talk about various challenges founders face based on Stefan's...

SEO & Content Talk with Dominic Kent

Dominic talks about the unorthodox ways of researching keywords and how to decide what to write about next.

with Spencer Jones: indiehacking, parenting, big startup jobs...

Indiehacking vs working at big Startups, marketing vs product, rebranding, and what it's like to make products while raising a family.

with Brian Casel — "How far we can push with marketing until we notice the pull"

I sit down with Brian to talk about his new product ZipMessage, picking fights with the Goliath, Saas lessons from his journey, marketing, selling, business operations...

Resilience, purpose, and being as we are with Alex Mathers

Sat down with Alex to talk about presenting in public, happiness, social anxiety, productivity, some deep aspects of self and everything in between.

How to sell ethically with Martin Stellar

Martin Stellar ( talks about what it means being a Monk and how all that relates to ethical selling. We talk about products, Martin's...

Cam Sloan: "You don't need to get your personal brand from your business!"

I got a chance to talk to my long time online friend, Cam Sloan, who's currently working on Hopscotch. We talk about the challenges of being a solo founder, b2b/b2c Sa...

Talking shop with Noah Bragg

Noah just quit his job to fully focus on We go deep and talk about the benefits of running a growing product, exiting, VC money, growth, lessons, building v...

Talking to Ben: Does going slow(er) sabotage our growth?

Ben Mann (@digitaltrouble) comes up to share what he's been up to.

The pull

blogstatic's momentum is growing and I'm trying to maintain my pace without being overwhelmed.


A quick update after a 5-month break from recording.

Claritask, sold!

Lessons from selling Claritask and what's next

A quick update

Agency work, new ideas, Claritask...


I share my tools that help me stay healthy emotionally and physically.

Back after the break

Back after a 3-month break. Talking about what I've been up to. Claritask update. Client work. And what I'm up to now/next.

Taking a little breather

Just a quick one announcing that I'm taking a break at least until the end of Summer, maybe end of Year. Want to focus a bit on work, my well emotional well being, cat...

Spilling beer with Ben Mann

In this episode I had a chance to talk to my friend Ben Mann, who is currently building Playgroup, and learn more about his whys.

Giving Value vs Solving a Problem, with Louis Nicholls

Touching a lot upon what it means to give value to our customers instead of focusing on a pain/solution.

What's a good idea/solution?

What it means to have an idea that everyone wants? A MUST HAVE solution!

Claritask as a side project

Talking about how I want to treat Claritask as a side project and how it feels more successful as such.

Catching up with Corey — Part Deux

Corey and I come together for the second time in 9 months and talk about what we're up to, mass media and how it affects our reality, our purpose as bootstrappers, and...

The importance of having the right co-founder

In this episode I explore the importance of having the right co-founder, including audio clips from Arvid Kahl, Justin Jackson, and Simon Bennett.

Online Friends

The importance of having online friends who share the same struggles and journey, and more.

1 Year of Bootstrapping Saas

I'm back after 6 weeks MIA

Sales and marketing efforts

Details on my sales & marketing efforts and their results so far

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