Lead problems and what I'll be doing next

EP06 is the first episode recorded with a proper microphone. I talk about how I am still having trouble generating more leads and what I will do this coming week on fixing this problem (new content angle on the website and highly prospected direct emails in a new target market I want to explore)

In this episode I talk about how leads are still a problem and that I will focus on content (I describe in detail what is working for me and where I will focus my efforts). Also, that I will be giving cold emailing another try but a bit differently (highly prospected) and on a new target market (content marketers).

Claritask, the app, is in good shape with great comments coming from current users. I will also continue with a few new features and improvements inside the app.

There's one thing I want to try with my website, where I tone everything down, instead of trying to "sell" the entire time and try to convince someone that Claritask is better than other products.
Episode intro sound "You Can't Fail" by Density & Time © Val Sopi