Loving the boring bits and the Saas grind

An episode with a ton of talk on the boring side of Saas, the seriousness of having a growing user base, thinking about how it would be with an investment and taking a few listener questions.

I talk about the boring bits, how Saas is a long game and you really have to love the grind. Then I continue on how things are getting serious because a new client signed up with +30 staff and "daily active users" went up to 70 on Wednesday.

The idea of an investment crossed my mind and I spoke to two sources (fund/vc in Europe and an angel in New York City). Not sure it's the route I would see myself in, though weighing the options and its worthiness.

Answered a few listener questions and ended with some Podcast stats and what I will be working on during the week.
Episode intro sound "You Can't Fail" by Density & Time © Val Sopi