Not doing what I should be doing!

I should be hanging out more in places where my potential clients hang out and less in Twitter where I feed my vanity.

I start with a little bit of venting on how I am not doing enough with my outreach efforts and hanging out in places (Twitter) where my clients are not. My best visits come from Linkedin, Medium, Quora — and I should be more there.

I talk a bit about on how our business should be a flower with a ton of nectar to support a bee and help it invite all its friends to join (word of mouth) — and not be always on the outreach mode where we are tapping on our potential customer's shoulder with our offering.

I have been playing a bit of guitar to let some steam off and forget about what I do on daily basis.

...and managed to answer Tony's question write after I wrapped the show and went back in to add this bit
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