Sales in a Bootstrapped Saas with Louis Nicholls

Speaking with Louis Nichols on how boostrappers should focus more on sales and less in marketing, in the early days.
Louis Nichols was a cofounder of a VC backed startup that exited and now he consults startups and founders on sales and marketing.

In this Episode we go down into the basics of what Sales mean for a bootstrapped Saas and how to go about succeeding with it.

Some of the things we talked about were:
  • The difference between Sales and Marketing for early stage bootstrapped startups
  • How to go about finding leads
  • Does it matter "who" is behind the product
  • Justin Jackson's "The Myth of a Niche Market"
Louis is currently running a course, with limited spots, on sales. For all the details visit:

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Sales in a Bootstrapped Saas with Louis Nicholls
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