Weekly confessions while driving

Recorded this episode while driving. Taking a listener question and talking about my final-ish focus on marketing efforts.

In this episode I talk about how hard the week was. Not that anything in particular happened, but the way I feel about things going slower than I want them to be — and how I am trying to overcome these feelings and look forward.

I recorded this episode while driving. The sound maybe a bit off, but I like this episode as there's something about driving that gives me the freedom to vent and "be real" with everything that is going on in life and business.

I take a question from a fellow maker Tzelon Machluf, which you can find here.

Also, I talk about how I am "finaly" focusing my content marketing efforts solely on Medium, Linkedin, and Quora.

Episode intro sound "You Can't Fail" by Density & Time © Val Sopi