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Things are good

With my finances being in control I feel a bit better of how things are progressing forward


Moving forward more efficiently with a razor focused mind.

Grinding and fighting a (good) fight

Some new consultancy work is taking me away from Claritask, but it's helping me keep the lights on until Claritask reaches to $1K MRR

Sales in a Bootstrapped Saas with Louis Nicholls

Speaking with Louis Nichols on how boostrappers should focus more on sales and less in marketing, in the early days.

The one where I have a lot to say

A tonne of things went on and I had a lot to say

Focusing on the ones who love Claritask

Video format here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKr0lHMsRdA Thought I almost lost this episode as I didn't press the record button on Garage band. Listen for details how it went down : ) In this episode, I talk about how I want to continue focusing on clients that absolutely love Claritask. The ones who get the most value and provide the best feedback.

How I work

Details on how I plan my work around Claritask features, tasks, support — and client work.

Embracing Bootstrapper Life

Notes on how I'm falling more in love with bootstrapping On Youtube: https://youtu.be/LOTT3APAOAU

Milestone: $500 All Time Revenue

Talking about crossing the $500 all time revenue with Claritask and having $200 for the first time in the business bank account.

Getting my head out of my ass

Talking about how the angel investment didn't go through and how a listener friend make me realize a few things.

Should I be taking Angel investment?

Recorded this right after speaking with the potential angel investor in NYC who is interested in Claritask. My cons/pros regarding this potential investment and few more things.

Not doing what I should be doing!

I should be hanging out more in places where my potential clients hang out and less in Twitter where I feed my vanity.

Loving the boring bits and the Saas grind

An episode with a ton of talk on the boring side of Saas, the seriousness of having a growing user base, thinking about how it would be with an investment and taking a few listener questions.

When not to quit and how to run your Saas as a hobby

How to know when you have positive signals in your product and why not to quit. Also, running your business as a hobby could be beneficial on you talk to your customers and how you run your product overall.

Lead problems and what I'll be doing next

EP06 is the first episode recorded with a proper microphone. I talk about how I am still having trouble generating more leads and what I will do this coming week on fixing this problem (new content angle on the website and highly prospected direct emails in a new target market I want to explore)

Weekly confessions while driving

Recorded this episode while driving. Taking a listener question and talking about my final-ish focus on marketing efforts.

Content marketing, the long game, and getting lucky

Talking about Content Marketing, "The numbers game", Luck, and a few stats

New pricing plans & the way forward

Worked less, did more. New pricing plans and few discoveries along the way.

Growth strategies I am currently considering

Various channels and tactics on how to increase the number of qualified leads for Claritask.com

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